nutritional therapy

 What is Chinese nutritional therapy?

Instead of looking at the composition of foods in terms of vitamins, minerals, fibre, fats and so on, the Chinese dietary approach looks at what food does to you when you eat it. After all, the actions of a combination of foods will be more complicated than the elements in isolation.

Any dietary suggestions given will be tailored to your individual circumstances. For example:

  • you may not have time to cook regularly
  • your schedule may prevent you from sticking to regular times
  • there will be certain foods you do and do not enjoy

Whatever your lifestyle and food preferences, there will be simple changes you can make to your diet to improve your health.

How can Chinese nutritional therapy help me?


The correct foods are important when preparing for or recovering from a major sporting event and a tailored nutritional plan can even aid in rehabilitation from injury.

 Weight control

Think of the food you put into your body as medicine to help your digestive system in its goals for weight gain or weight loss. A personalised nutritional program will help you achieve these goals.

 Stress management

As well as providing energy, the right foods can relax the mind and support and cleanse the body. Choosing the right foods are very important when under or recovering from stress.


It’s true that beauty comes from within: eating a balanced diet, tailored to your needs, will ensure you radiate goodness – and it becomes evident in your skin and your eyes.


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