What is Tui na physical therapy?

Tui na is a primary treatment used in modern Chinese hospitals alongside standard medicine.

It includes a wide range of unique massage techniques and joint manipulations not found in any other physio therapy, as well as including the commonly seen standard deep tissue and sports massage techniques.

These techniques are designed to stimulate specific areas of the body, to relax muscles and enable healing.

Tui na forms the basis of today’s Chinese physiotherapy alongside the practice of Qigong. The Chinese Olympic team relies on Tui na to maintain peak performance and recover following injuries.

How can Tui na help me?


Tui na can help with many problem areas for sportsmen and women, including:

  • healing of tendons, muscle and bone after sports injury
  • prevention of injuries such as over-strain
  • provision of systemic maintenance
  • maximisation of performance

The techniques used clear out metabolic by-products in muscles, help reduce pain and inflammation, re-align joints and soften tight tendons and muscles.

 Weight control

Whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, Tui na can help by stimulating the digestive system and controlling hormone release.

 De-stress and relax

Tui na helps to calm the mind through effects on neurotransmitters and the hormone system. It also aids in clearing the body of harmful, metabolic build-up which can cause stress in the body’s organs and tissues. This can all lead to a calmer, clearer body and mind, free from aches and pains.


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