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“Peter is an extremely motivating speaker and has an inspirational effect on those around him.”

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“As a technology project manager, capoerista and musician I need to be healthy, energised and balanced.”



“Peter positively impacts my capacity to achieve my goals and my general outlook in life.”


Stephanie Swalwell
Hip pain

What are you impressions of TnClinic, Peter and your treatment?
Friendly, relaxed, knowledgeable and professional and with a real interest in the people who walk in – mind and body.

Would you recommend this service? Why/why not?
Yes. Because the treatment works. Also because I went for a sore hip and have come away with a hip that doesn’t hurt, exercises, nutrition information and assistance in all sorts of areas that is proving invaluable.

Did your practitioner understand your situation and treat your problem?
Absolutely – and Peter explained what his diagnosis was and what the treatment options were and explains things as he treats.

What would you say to a friend or family member about treatment at TnClinic?
Go. Try it because it really, really works.

Were you happy with your treatment?
Very, very happy. I had tried chiropractic and osteopathic but while they gave some relief they didn’t seem to understand or address the underlying issues and fix them.

Was there anything you would have preferred to be different or any suggestions for improvement?
Can’t think of anything!

Rakesh Bajpai, management consultant
Lower back pain

Peter is professional and has a high level of expertise and competence, he puts a client at ease and goes the extra mile to help.

Because Peter knows what he is doing, he empathises with clients and does not hold back on telling you what you need to hear; but he does it for you.

I not only go for treatment when I need one but also regularly for an MOT.

Georgiana, social entrepreneur
Lower back pain and tightness

I met Peter few months back and I can honestly say my day-to-day life changed completely.

As my job involves night-time shifts, and most of it on heels, the pain I was facing every morning in my lower back was indescribable.

Thanks to Peter, all of that was gone after just one session and I almost forget I ever had it. He is literally taking the pain away within minutes and you can feel how all your muscles just relax and heal from the deepest roots.

I will strongly recommend Peter to anyone who has any type of body/muscle ache or they’re just looking for a relaxing massage therapy because he will know exactly what to do to make you feel like a new born.

Tony Skeet, hairdresser & Fitness First member
Neck and shoulder problems

Olwen Davies, Fitness First member
Fractured shoulder and rib

I have known Peter since last June when I fell down some stairs, broke my shoulder, humerus and a rib. He was recommended to me by my personal trainer at Fitness First. He has been treating me with massage, acupuncture and exercises for the last 7 months and my shoulder/arm has improved immeasurably with his treatment.

I can recommend him very highly. Broken shoulders in a lady of my age (69) are very difficult to treat. I have the utmost faith in him.

On a personal level he is very gentle, kind and highly sensitive treating the person as a whole, and not just a broken limb.

I can not recommend him highly enough.

Joy Zhang, former Western doctor in China
Back pain

I am Joy from Shanghai, China. I have used to take Chinese massage (Tui na) for my  back pain once in a week for 2 years when I was in Shanghai. I am very  pleased to meet Peter who could combine Western and traditional oriental techniques to help me in London.

Peter’s massage can go deeper in the muscles as he knows the principle of our Chinese massage: pain onsets when obstructed and goes when passable, and I am very satisfied with his authentic technique.

Nicky R, charity worker
Painful neck, back and shoulders


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